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It has what are called caged rollers and a ratchet lid top.
Same trans was used late 77 to 79.
It has no kicker but one could be added at any time.

These are the sealers and thread locker I used on this and every build...

From the left, hylomar (blue goo) and it is used on all paper gaskets here.
Center is an anorobic sealer in the blue tube (red goo) and this is good for metal to metal joints and also makes a good thread sealer.
Last is bearing and stud mount loctite (known as red weld here) that I used to set all studs in the case with. Why loctite the studs? A few reasons, first it keeps the studs from backing out if you have to remove the trans and also to seal the studs into case, stopped many a leak this way.

Rebuild 1


After all the studs have been pulled and replaced with loctite it's time to install the maindrive gear caged roller. Made a simple press tool that will remove and install the roller to the proper depth. Always press on the lettered/numbers side of this type of bearing. it is pretty easy to crush the outer case of this type bearing pressing from the wrong side.





The bearing is just below the flat side thrust surface inside and outside of the case. it's not a good thing to rub the bearing shell sides with the maindrive gear or the seal sleeve. note the step on the press tool.




Next in line is the seal in the main drive gear. I had to make a tool to press the seal in it's bore. Don't even ask how many seals I screwed up before the tool, I will just say lots and lots. It also has a small (.050") step to put the seal just inside the end of the gear...

Rebuild    Rebuild





After the seal is in the maindrive gear, slide the gear through the bearing in the case.
next in is the mainshaft and all it's parts.....






Press the gear, ball bearing and bearing outer retainer shell on the shaft. Install the lock tab and nut to hold it all together on the shaft.

It's very easy to bend the shield of the bearing, use care bending the lock tab.






The shaft bearing and gear slide in from the kicker end, passing through the 3rd gear, thrust washer, snap ring and the 3-4 shifter clutch. Third gear wont pass through the hole in the case so this is the only way. Note the thrust washer and snap ring is in place here...




Once the mainshaft with all it's parts are in, install the retainer plate and oil deflector (top screw) Rebuild



Now is the time to install the mainseal and sleeve.
I like to use the red goo on the case to seal press fit. The idea is to make sure oil can't leak past through scratches in the bore made by others seal fix it jobs.



Pressing the seal with a Jim's tool. Rebuild



The countershaft group of parts are next. note this one from an FLH has the speedo drive gear... Rebuild



First on is the bushing, countershaft second gear, thrust washer and snap ring... Rebuild



Here is the countershaft and it's parts ready to go in the case. note the groove for the "o" ring in the shaft. Rebuild



Once the counter shaft gears are in, the proper thickness thrust washer must be found... Rebuild



Now install the lock plate, nut lock and nut in the kicker end of the case... Rebuild
Lots of stuff in a ratchet lid huh? I even left 3 parts out of the pic... Rebuild

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