How to Chop a Japanese Bike
by Lunatic

Start by putting the bike on the work table, and using the magnetic angle finder, strap it down level where you want it. (this of course is done AFTER you hack off all the excess stuff, leaving behind the swingarm).


XSChop B

Then you stretch the swingarm by hacking the axle plates off, leaving some tubing attached for the inner slugs to hold onto. THEN, you put an angle finder on the sprocket to make sure the wheel is straight up and down, just like the frame. then you use a caliper to see that the same amount of material is being added to each side.

XSChop C

Now you're ready to add the upper and lower rails.


Once you get the upper and lower rails in, and the side to side braces added, then you can hack the swingarm out of there, clean up the excess tabs and mounts where the swingarm used to mount, and you're ready to go!! CHOP ON!!!


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