»Evo Pinion Refit By Dan R.

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This is the bad race in a 97 big twin. all 99 and older big twins are done the same way. 54 and older pans have a race close to the same on the sprocket shaft side that is lapped to size the same way.
Evo Pinion 1

his is a lap tool made by "eastern mc parts" along with a new sprocket shaft bearing needed for alignment.
Evo Pinion Pic 2



Insert the lap tool in the case through the sprocket shaft brg and arbor. adj. lap to a no slack fit in the race.



Lightly coat the lap with compound (I use 220 grit) and turn the crank. at the same time move the lap in and out of the race to get an even finish and size all across the race.



After the lap turns free, remove the lap from the case and clean it well. inspect for complete contact on the race, it should have a velvet look across the total race, then measure



Then measure the shaft and rollers you have.



Fits just fine now.
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